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Premium Allocator White Paper

Avoid common pitfalls in
premium allocation.

Download Premium Allocation White Paper

Download Premium Allocation White Paper

TriTech’s Premium Pro Allocator was designed specifically to allocate premiums with accurate tax jurisdiction assignment . Utilizing advanced mapping technology, Premium Pro Allocator assigns premiums to the correct taxing jurisdiction based on policyholder address rather than zip code. The physical location of each address is compared to the geographic boundaries of all municipalities within the state to determine the correct taxing jurisdiction of the policyholder.
Employing standard features and a simplified user interface, Premium Pro Allocator increases productivity while decreasing the learning curve.




Allocator Agent is a web-based service, which allows the users the ability to access real-time tax jurisdiction data with no interuption to the critical point of sale or policy/agent management system.


more info:

Allocator Agent FAQ:


Fire-Marine & Non Fire-Marine premiums

Coming in 2013. In compliance with Delaware Bulletin No.55

Premium Pro is a Verified Software Vendor for a risk location system as defined by the Kentucky bill HB 524.
Quarterly and Annual Reconciliation Returns (LGT 140, 141, 142).

Police & Fire Fighter Pension Trust

Cities & Parishes
Premium allocation for GID 17A License Fees

New York
Fire Protection and MTA Surcharge

Allocates to the correct municipality or fire district

South Carolina
Cities and Counties