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Premium Pro FormsPlus Software

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  • Premium Pro FormsPlus

    PREMIUM Pro FormsPlus shortens filing time and simplifies the overwhelming task of finding and completing additional forms for Premium Tax filings. FormsPlus compliments the existing Premium Tax software by providing insurance and premium tax related forms and required annual statement filings in one location. The software is designed exclusively for Property & Casualty, Life, HMO, Risk Retention, and Title Insurance Companies.

    With the increasing demands on insurance companies, FormsPlus strives to maintain up to date forms and implement user requests. Currently, there are more than 1,000 forms available. Its continual growth and expansion proves FormsPlus is a vital tool in complying with required tax filings and regulations.

    Key Features
    Property & Casualty
    Risk Retention
    All States and US Territories
    System Requirements
    You Need
    2 GHz Processor
    Microsoft Windows XP +
    SQL Server or SQL Express
    512 MB RAM +
    Internet Access (I.E. 7+)
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