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Premium Pro Municipal Tax Software

Digitized Signature
  • Premium Pro Municipal Tax

    Premium Pro Municipal allows you to calculate taxes for thousands of towns and cities with ease for over 4,000 muncipalities. Municipal processes tax returns for several different states: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, New York, North Carolina and South Carolina. Municipal uses several data import and export features to minimize the time it takes to file numerous returns.

    Municipal is integrated with our Premium Pro Life, PC, and Allocator products, which saves you valuable time. The digitized signature feature eliminates the need to sign hundreds of returns.

    Key Features
    Digitized Signatures
    Printable Check Requests
    Export to Check Software
    Access to City Tax Rates
    Reports to Summarize Info
    Printable Returns, Schedules, and Forms
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    3,200+ Municipalities
    Easy Data Import
    Cost Effective
    Save Time
    Integrates w/ other Premium Pro Software
    System Requirements
    You Need
    2 GHz Processor +
    Microsoft Windows XP +
    SQL Server or SQL Express
    1 G RAM +
    Internet Access (I.E. 8+)
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    Supported States


    Fire-Marine & Other Insurance companies

    Occupational license (Chapter 205 of FL Statutes)

    License Fees (33-8-8 of Georgia Code)

    Foreign Fire Insurance Company Tax

    Premium tax (LGT-140, LGT-141, & LGT-142)

    License tax (1076 of Louisiana Revised Statutes) 

    New York
    Buffalo Foreign Fire Tax Report, NYC Foreign Fire Premiums Tax Report, Cover Letter for NY State Foreign Fire Tax Report

    North Dakota
    North Dakota Fire District Report (SFN 52764)

    South Carolina
    Municipal Association of SC (MASC)

    • Municipal Tax Features

      Advanced Features At a Glance
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    • Advanced Features - Details
    • Standard Features - Details
  • Digitized Signature

    Eliminate the need to sign thousands of municipal tax returns. A digitized signature is a facsimile of your personal signature that can be printed on each return. You may use digitized signatures for any number of signers. The same signature files may be used year after year with each version of Premium Pro Municipal.

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