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TriTech Software Development Co.


TriTech's Home in Allen, TX

TriTech Continues to Grow

Allen-based TriTech Software & Services completes building expansion project

Allen, TX: TriTech Software Development Corp. completed a 3,200 sq. ft. building expansion project this month, amid the added stresses the COVID-19 pandemic. TriTech moved to Allen in 2009 after completing their 20,400 sq. ft office space. With only 36 employees, the building and its 11 acres seemed a bit large, but TriTech had plans for growth. Today, TriTech employees 79 fulltime employees in-house and about 35 external contractors.

With the expansion project complete, the building now has room for everyone, as well as amenities including a break room, fitness center, men’s and women’s locker rooms with shower facilities, a walking trail, and a prayer room.

"We’ve been blessed by constant growth and this additional space will allow us to continue to innovate and better serve our clients."

- Robby McCollom
President of TriTech Software

About TriTech: TriTech is a business-to-business company that leads the market in the insurance tax industry. TriTech’s software is designed to streamline and simplify the calculation and filing process specifically for the insurance industry. The Premium Pro suite of software includes state and municipal premium tax, premium allocation, miscellaneous premium tax forms and a tax calendar. Since its inception TriTech has been a leader in the Premium Tax software industry and currently serves about 96% of the insurance market. In addition to Premium Pro, TriTech Software Development Corp. has expanded to include the subsidiary TriTech Services.

About TriTech Services: TriTech Services offers insurance companies a total solution that isn't simply tax preparation. Their premium tax services offer a unique combination of consulting, preparation and software expertise related to premium taxes. TriTech Services offers assistance on premium tax related matters and state return reviews, planning issues, retaliatory tax concerns, and assistance with desk and field audits.