Cost Analysis - TriTech Services


Annual Salary   Productivity
of Staff
Includes Overtime (avg. 2 yrs experience)     Total Hours
per Year
Benefits % % Billable
per year
Includes taxes, insurance, vacation, and other benefits. The costs to this point (basic salary, employment taxes and benefits) are typically in the 1.25 to 1.4 times base salary range. National average: 35% of a full-time employee's salary          
Space & Equipment % Total Billable
Includes hardware, software, real estate, furniture, security, parking, etc.; approximately $7000 per year for a full time employee.          
Hiring & Training Cost %      
Includes advertising, recruiting, hiring, and training costs; approximately 1/3 of an employee's salary plus benefits.          
Management %      
Includes HR costs, regulations/paperwork, direct supervision, and IT support; generally $5000 per year, per employee.          
Absenteeism %      
Sick leave, time on clock not working, etc.; 3.5% of salary and benefits for unplanned sickness or absence; 2.5% for breaks, tardy, not working on clock          
Total Cost per Staff Person        
Actual Staff Cost per Hour        
Number of Juriscdictions        
Avg Prep. Hours per Jurisdictions:        
Actual Staff Cost per Hour        
Number of Hours to Prepare Returns        
Tax Software Cost        
Estimated Cost to Process the Returns        
Avg. Processing Fee Per Jurisdiction        
Number of Jurisdictions        
Total Processing Fee        
Total Hours Saved        
Total Savings per Year        
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