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TriTech's Premium Pro Allocator was designed specifically to allocate premiums to determine what taxing jurisdiction the address falls in.

Utilizing advanced mapping technology, Premium Pro Allocator assigns premiums to the correct taxing jurisdiction based on policyholder address rather than zip code. The physical location of each address is compared to the geographic boundaries of all municipalities within the state to determine the correct taxing jurisdiction of the policyholder.

Employing standard features and a simplified user interface, Premium Pro Allocator increases productivity while decreasing the learning curve.

  • Options
  • Choose how you want to geocode:

  • Key Features
    • Decreased Risk of Audit
    • Automatic Reports
    • Batch Processing
    • KY HB 524 Verified
    • FL: DR-350900 Compliant
    • DE: Meets Bulletin No. 55 Regulations
    • Save Time
    • Accurate Results
    • Import to other Premium Pro Software
  • System Requirements
    • Minimum System Requirements for Workstation Installation:
      • Windows 10, Windows 8 with a 1GHz processor.
      • RAM: 3 GB.
      • Available hard drive space – 10 GB.
      • NET Framework 4.
      • Adobe Reader.
    • Minimum System Requirements for Network Install:
      • Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows Server (2012 or greater).
      • 2 GB of available hard drive space.

    Supported States

    Choose one state or bundle them to fit what’s right for your company.


    Fire-Marine & Non Fire-Marine premiums


    Premium allocation for GID 17A License Fees


    Cities and Parishes

    South Carolina

    Cities and Counties


    In compliance with Delaware Bulletin No.55


    Fire-Marine & Non Fire-Marine premiums

    New York

    Fire Protection and MTA Surcharge


    Police & Fire Fighter Pension Trust


    Premium Pro is a Verified Software Vendor for a risk location system as defined by the Kentucky bill HB 524.Quarterly and Annual Reconciliation Returns (LGT 140, 141, 142).

    North Dakota

    Fire District Report (SFN 52764)

    Allocator Features

    Premium Pro Allocator Features At a Glance

    • Integration
    • Geographic Mapping Technology
    • Import & Processing
    • Extensive Reports
    • Map View
    • Appending Files
    • Advanced Printing
    • Custom Reports
    • Easily Update and Reallocate Addresses

    More Features

    • Short Learning Curve
    • Cut, Copy, Paste
    • Zoom
    • Help
    • Free Support

    Premium Pro Allocator Features - Details


    Once you have processed premiums, Allocator creates a file that can be imported into other Premium Pro products. Municipal and Trust Fund district premiums may be imported directly into Premium Pro Municipal and PC. Allocator is the perfect companion software for Municipal!

    Geographic Mapping Technology

    Allocator uses geographic mapping technology to determine the location of each policyholder’s address. The physical location of each address is compared to the geographic boundaries of all municipalities within the state to determine the correct taxing jurisdiction of the policyholder.

    Importing & Processing

    Import your address and premium payment information, and you are ready to process premiums.

    Extensive Reports

    Premium Pro Allocator produces several detailed reports that summarize the results of the allocation process. Allocator will rank the quality of each match, and poor matches will appear in the Match Exceptions Report.

    Map View

    The software also allows you to view a graphical representation of your policyholder address information. This feature will show you the location of each address in relation to the municipal boundaries of the state.

    Appending Files

    Companies that report premiums on a divisional or product basis can utilize this feature. Process your companies premiums using as many files as necessary. When you are ready to allocate your address data, use the Append Files feature to combine each file into one file to be processed.

    Advanced Print

    Premium Pro provides advanced print options, allowing you to print only the data that is needed. Allocator also features a Print Preview option, enabling you to view the data before sending it to the printer. This feature will ensure that your documents are printed correctly the first time, every time.

    Custom Reports

    You can create custom reports if the standard reports do not meet your needs.

    Easily Update and Reallocate Addresses

    Correcting an address can be performed from any report and any address that is changed will appear on an address changes report.

    More Features - Details

    Learning Curve

    Premium Pro designed its menus and tool bar after some of the most popular Windows software. So, if you are currently using other Windows software, then you are already familiar with Premium Pro.

    Cut, Copy, Paste

    You can copy data into and out of Premium Pro spreadsheets using the clipboard. This simplifies the data entry process and allows you to create custom reports using information extracted from Premium Pro.


    You can zoom in or out of a return to accommodate your own viewing preference.


    Premium Pro comes with an extensive help system with details on how to use the software.

    Free Support

    All Premium Pro software comes with free telephone and email support for fast, friendly service when you need it. Extended hours and Saturday support help when you are stuck in the office with time running out.

    Point of Sale Premium Allocation - Kentucky

    Allocator Online is a web-based service, which allows the users the ability to access real-time tax jurisdiction data with no interruption to the critical point of sale or policy/agent management system.

    Key Features:
    Single location updates: All updates of taxing entity information will be accessible from one location.
    Flexible access & easy integration: Allocator Online Service is compatible with any client operating system and a variety of web services. The service is accessed via HTTPS and returns data in XML format.
    Specific information: Allocator Online provides up to date information as needed for such applicable items as taxing jurisdiction, tax rates, LGT-142 credit, tax code descriptions, effective tax rates.

    Geocoding and Risk Location Services

    Allocation Services


    • Cost-effective solution, particularly for smaller amounts of premium data.
    • Receive proper allocation using Geo-Coding.
    • Even the smallest company can afford professional quality service.
    • We guarantee a 72-hour turn around time.
    • Guaranteed same day service offered.
    • Import files for Premium & Municipal Tax included.
    • Provides all necessary reports and files.
    • Avoid penalties for misallocation from the states.


    • You give us your policy level data.
      • We can take an Excel Sheet or text file.
    • We will format data as necessary.
      • No extra work getting that data into a specific format.
    • Within 72 hours you will have reports available including:
      • A policy level report to indicate each allocation.
      • A summary report used for preparing Municipal and Premium Tax returns.
      • An exception report indicating problem addresses. Statistical reports with color charts.
      • You can correct addresses in your system and we will re-allocate, if necessary.
    • You can correct addresses in your system and we will re-allocate, if necessary.


    • Number of returns, number of companies, number of states, municipalities, special filings


    • Alabama
    • Delaware
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Illinois
    • Kentucky
    • New York
    • South Carolina


    Support Hours
    Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 5:00 PM, CST

    Extended Hours
    January 2nd to March 1st:
    Monday-Friday 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM, CST

    January 19th to March 1st:
    Saturday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, CST

    Allocator Downloads & Updates

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