Our goal is to provide competitively priced state and local tax guidance to our clients.

We can help with audit issues, planning ideas, minimization of retaliatory tax strategies, mergers & acquisitions, sales and use tax, unclaimed property and state income tax compliance. We offer hourly and contingent fee based agreements. Our tax accountants and lawyers have decades of both insurance and non-insurance state tax experience.


TriTech's Consulting Services

Audits and Controversies

  • Identify and assess areas of potential audit exposure prior to audit commencement.
  • Assist with audit notice and protest issues.
  • Analysis and negotiations with auditors.
  • Provide tax guidance on controversies and administrative procedure assistance.

State and Local Tax Return Reviews and Planning Ideas

  • Evaluation of state return filings to determine potential tax savings.
  • Recommendations and implementation of potential tax savings strategies.
  • Litigation & legal assistance.

Retaliatory Tax - Minimization Strategies

  • Provide recommendations and potential tax strategies to reduce retaliatory taxes.
  • Assist with implementation.


  • Provide analysis of the potential retaliatory tax reductions that can be obtained through re-domestication.
  • Recommendations for choosing a favorable state.
  • Assist with implementation.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Transactional analysis
  • Line-of-business impacts of retaliation

The main focus of our reviews centers on premium, retaliatory, income,

sales-use, property and other miscellaneous taxes and unclaimed funds. Generally speaking, we have found that a three-phased approach is the most efficient way to conduct our consulting reviews.


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Premium & Retaliatory Tax Reverse Audit Option

Premium and retaliatory taxes are the largest state tax burdens that insurance companies are liable for in the various states. These taxes, while ostensibly simplistic at first glance, involve complex analysis and require a deep understanding of insurance products and operations.

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Overpaying your state insurance premium and retaliatory taxes can cost insurance companies millions of dollars.

Approach to a Full State Tax Review

State tax reviews are focused on the broad scope of the state taxes that are imposed upon insurance and non-insurance companies.

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